Lock-in Golf Grip Instructions

Preparing to practice


Attach the round alignment cap to the butt end of any club so that the LONG line is lined up with the groove lines on your golf club.  


Attaching the "Lock-in Golf Grip"


Slide the "Lock-in Golf Grip" over the club grip and firmly tighen the golf ball screw.

Setting the desired shot


  These lines are the recommended settings that were created from analyzing PGA and LPGA players and taking their average.

 Individuals should experiment with the settings to see what works better for them.

Adjusting for the driver:

 Line up the SHORT line to the desired shot.


Adjusting for the irons:

 Line up the LONG line to the desired shot

The reason for a short line and long line.


When using a driver, the ball is teed up and lined up off of the front foot. This will encourage the club to hit the ball on the upswing.

When using an iron or a club that is hit off of the ground, the ball is lined up closer to the center of your stance (between your feet).  This will encourage the club to hit the ball on the downswing.

This slight change in setup is the reason for differences in hand position.