It is time to get a grip!!

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Featured at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show Inventors Spotlight !! Learn and practice the correct golf swing by gripping the club perfectly every time.

  • Attaches to any club
  • FORCES proper hand position(Strong neutral or weak)
  • FORCES You to see those two knuckles on the leading hand
  • FORCES proper heel pad position
  • Encourages a light grip pressure
  • Restricts hand movement throughout the swing
  • Adjust for desired shots
  • Set it for hooks or draws
  • Set it for slices and fades
  • Set it to go straight
  • Even set it for bunker shots
  • Settings created from analyzing the average PGA and LPGA players

Comes in two sizes:

Regular Fit - (Most adult hands & larger) 

Tight Fit - (Smaller hands and most kids)

Voted #1 Training Aid

Hand made in the USA🇺🇸